Our Story

1971Great American Products (GAP) was co-founded by Roger Tuttle, the current President and CEO. The company was started as a mail order firm selling to the motorcycle market and evolved into a manufacturer of pewter buckles, keychains and model miniatures.

1985… GAP started affixing metal emblems to drink ware, including glassware, steins, ceramic coffee mugs, and shot glasses to expand sales to mass merchants, mail order catalogs and department stores.

1991… GAP entered the licensed sports business by becoming licensees of the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and NCAA.

1994… GAP entered into an agreement to form a partnership and manufacturing facility near Vera Cruz Mexico, for the exclusive production of high-end decorative cast metal parts for Great American Products.

1996… GAP moved operations from Chicago to New Braunfels, Texas.

2002… GAP acquired Fort U.S.A. A souvenir company located in Providence, Rhode Island.

2004 to 2014… GAP almost exclusively steered marketing efforts to Pro-Sport and College branded consumer product retail opportunities; with the focus becoming more directed to drinkware and hydration products.

2014… GAP introduced full 360 metallic graphic drinkware and hydration items. This all-new graphic styling was a major success for a number of our key retail partners.

2016… GAP introduced the first wave of our Vacuum Insulated drinkware collection. This collection soon became the flagship of our overall product offering as consumer demand dictated high-quality insulation properties that keep beverages the perfect temperature for hours on end.

2016… GAP re-introduced itself to the Souvenir/Resort segment of retail with high-end / premium drinkware and hydration product offerings. As suspected, this channel of retail was experiencing growing demand for Vacuum Insulated items and premium quality offerings.

2018… GAP introduced the initial collection of Powder Coated Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel. With this new introduction also came Laser Etching as a third way of decorating our drinkware and hydration products.

2019 ......Kim Holtz was elected President and Bryan Oyler Vice President as part of our succession plan preparing GAP for the future.

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