Our Story

  • Our Founding

    Great American Products was co-founded in 1971 by Roger Tuttle, the current President & CEO. Initially the company was an entrepreneurial mail order firm selling into to the motorcycle market, and then emerged as a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of hand crafted pewter buckles, which were sold to specialty shops throughout the country.

    At the peak of the buckle market, in the late 1970s, Great American Products had a customer list of over 5,000 active customers. At that time the company expanded its product line to include miniatures, figurines, paperweights, key chains and lapel pins. Great American Products was emerging as the leader in the pewter casting industry.

  • Major Changes (Mid-1980's)

    Great American Products made two major changes which have helped to define the company it is today. The first was the attachment of premium metal emblems to drink ware. This gave Great American Products a full line of products positioned as a premium offering option to the industry standard screen printed products.

    The addition of drink ware, including glassware, steins, ceramic coffee mugs, and shot glasses allowed Great American Products to move from the specialty retail market to the mainstream avenues of distribution including mass merchants, mail order catalogs, department stores, c-stores, etc. The drink ware innovation and the opportunities it presented led to the second move, the entry into the licensed products market.

  • The Big Leagues

    Great American Products signed licensing agreements with the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA and NASCAR. Sales of licensed products have increased as a percent of total sales every year since 1991.

  • Huge Growth

    In 1994, Great American Products entered into an agreement with several individuals from Mexico to form a partnership manufacturing facility for the exclusive production of Great American Products. The partnership located near Vera Cruz, Mexico, employs approximately two hundred people.

  • The Move To Texas

    In 1996, Roger Tuttle made the decision to move Great American Products from Chicago to Texas. After scouting several locations for the new facility, the company chose the city of New Braunfels as its new home, where it was warmly welcomed by the community. Calling New Braunfels home has allowed Great American Products to realize a better quality of life; as well as, reduce overhead costs by being in closer proximity to the factory in Mexico.

  • New Markets

    On February 1, 2002, Great American Products acquired Fort U.S.A., a fifty-seven year old souvenir company from Providence, Rhode Island.

  • A Happy Anniversary

    In 2011 Great American Products celebrates its 40th Anniversary. New products are constantly being developed and new channels of distribution are opening up to provide further growth, but one thing that has remained a constant is the dedication and service of its loyal team members.

  • New Technology

    To continue to provide the highest quality that can be delivered, quickly, GAP has invested in various types of decorating equipment, installed in the New Braunfels plant. We now have the ability to produce high quality graphics along with our well established three dimensional cast logos.

  • NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS: We are now posting shareholder information on a protected page.
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